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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 4, 2012 7:00pm-7:59pm PST

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difference. gingrich is looking to make a path forward to bottle some of the magic he had in south carolina. a special report begins with a call in nevada right now. all of the caucuses are closed. the state built on the gaming industry has come into space once again for mitt romney. he expects romney will win big tonight. he will have a third win in the presidential nominating season. the closest race right now is for second place between ron paul who put a lot of effort into the state 3,000 doll-- $300 in advertising and time. newt gingrich who did not.
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projections are rick santorum finishing in 4th. romney will have a big win tonight. national correspondent john rober roberts is there. >> good evening to you. went up through the crowd when you announced mitt romney was the winner of the caulk tuss. it was something people knew was coming. they looked at the polling numbers when they were coming in in the days leading up to the caucus to know how this was going to go. the big question in 2008 we had 51 percent of the vote. is he going to get the same amount? will he get a majority of the vote? will it be hire or lower? in a couple counties mitt romney has not done as well this time around as he did in 2008. mineral county goes to newt gingrich. geraldo county has gone to ron
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paul. we are still waiting for the big counties to come in. waiting for clark county. clark county will be the last one to come in. that's where they are having this caucus. people who couldn't go to caucus during the day are getting their chance to vote. we are not going to have those results until after 10:00 eastern tonight. we should be getting the big county of washa coming in andal co. we will be watching closely the race for second place. brett, back to you. john, we will check in through out the night. we asked nevada voters on the way into the talk cusses how they plan to vote and why. these entrance polls told us more than the vote totals do. people could have changed their mind while they got into the caucus states. mitt romney did well in every group of voters. he won three fourths of the
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voters who want someone to beat president obama. in nef neve who had the highest unemployment rate in the nation romney won 6 out of 10 voters who say the economy is the most important issue. same with seniors and 26 percent of the voters today who are fellow mormon won 9 out of 10 of those. newt gingrich and ron paul lost to romney. gingrich had a third of those who strongly support the tea party and want a candidate with the right experience. they were very conservative. ron paul remains very strong moderates. let's go now to gingrich campaign headquarters in las vegas. not too much action yet.
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>> good evening. a stark contrast compared to the rally where gingrich is. he will make remarks but there is no rally here there is no public event scheduled just this press conferen. this is keeping with the theme we have seen out of this campaign today. newt gingrich is not meeting with states with up coming primaries and caucuses on tuesday. we understand he has been more focused on fundraising while out west. he came out firing against mitt romney likeening the former massachusetts governor to president obama calling him obama like and once again using romney's not caring about the poor people gap earlier in the week to his advantage.
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my goal is not to ignore or forget the poor. my goal is to turn a safety naet into a trampoline and have a job at my house. >> obviously the economy was a major issue for the caucus goers today. we are going to carry them live. >> earlier today i spoke with congressman ron paul about what his campaign plans are going forward. first let's bring in our panel tonight. editor of the weekly standard and syndicated columnist>> um struck by a couple of things. i knew mitt romney wasn't going well it dominates the groups
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including those who say at 51 percent of those folks for all of the talk of the conservatives against romney ne neve looks pretty established so-called tonight. >> it does. the primary tuesday night in missouri he will be in great shape. he can put florida and nevada have become the dem plat for the next month the next 6 weeks will be the nomination. tuesday night and at the end of the month that is great. >> what strikes you? >> there is an anomaly about nevada. a quarter of the electorate. it does apply to the state. he did it here with the entry polls in nevada.
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you end up with roughly the result you have in florida. it is a relatively big win it is nowhere near the margin we are going to have tonight and nevada. i think with the result today it is a bad week romney you have the guy who is running as the fixer the manager as the one who can do the economy news on the economy that obama got the country got the end of the week we can apply will be a stronger in november would hurt a candidate like romney and hurt the more idea will go cal candidate. i think this week it ends with a positive note tonight at least it starts them off on a new plan starting next week. >> with the new proportional
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voting rules we have been told time and time again no one can clinch the nominations until the end of april. >> you need to clinch the republican nomination. going in romney had 87. tonight depending how the results shaped up proportionally it will be less than 10 percent the delegates decided. >> less than 20 percent by the end of this month. it is a longer battle. the expectations momentum contest has begun. we people have gone through the contest voters are making up their minds. romney one late breakers they decided he is a winner. he looks like a winner to that. this goes through february when the contest comes in the weeks to come. he makes up his mind in the last minute. other important findings were that true conservatives only 5 percent of them thought that he
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was a true conservative. true conservatives group with him. he is 21 percent gingrich 24. that says a lot about what they are looking for in a candidate. >> they are getting ready for governor romney to speak at some point this hour. we will bring it to you live. nevada, it is a state that seems to line up not only for ron paul there is a big libertarian streak there the tea party was active in 2010 in 2008 there wasn't a tea party. as nadine mentioned across the board. >> the tea party senate candidate endorsed santorum. you have to give mitt romney's campaign a certain amount of credit here.
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he won new hampshire. he was expected to win new hampshire. he has done well. there's something to be said about the kind of plan that goes into winning this decisively. he won florida which is a much more diverse state. he woulden it overwhelmingly. you can't keep applying discount factors. he has other states friendly to mitt romney where he has a history. if his campaign is planning well organizing the states he eventually wins the state he deserves that. >> he says this is early there is still a segment of this population of this party that does not buy that mitt romney can beat barack obama. there's a conservative part despite the findings in nevada that don't buy into this. >> it was a big victory for mitt romney. among those who decided earlier
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than the last month romney has in our exit polls 57 gingrich 17. among late deciders those who decided within the last month it's 48-24. >> gingrich does better along the late deciders even though gingrich had a horrible. romney had a bad week last week but gingrich had a bad week last week. the distance between romney remains. he has a commanding lead but it is not over. >> we are getting ready to speak live with former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. he is in colorado. earlier today i spoke with texas congressman ron paul in minnesota about his choices in nevada and the rest of the campaign. >> congressman paul, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> before we talk numbers in nevada and your path forward, a big number you are just celebrating your 55th anniversary with your wife carol. happy anniversary. >> thank you very much.
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>> any big plans? >> we have been celebrating it by campaigning. we have had a few bouquets of flowers along the way. it has been a couple days now we have been celebrating. >> this is early in the night and we don't know the results in the nevada caucuses, but heading in there was a chance you could come in second even depending on organization in ton the ground. if you pull out a second place in nevada your reaction? >> the higher the better the more votes you get the more encouragement. >> your path forward to supporters who look at the way you are campaigning, the places you are going, what do you tell them about what your ultimate goal is and how you get there? >> i probably don't talk about that too much. i talk about what my platform is all about and the problems we have, the economic problems we have the attack on our civil liberties foreign policy that needs to be changed the monetary policy that needs to be changed.
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i talk a lot about economic policy and history and why we have been going in the wrong direction and why there is nobody else overing a chan-- of a change of direction. policy has been disastrous. this seems to be well received not only to the college crowd but with a growing number of people in a little older age group. >> in your planning you spent a lot of time in maine. you are in minnesota now. those states you feel lane up for you? >> absolutely. because there is a money issue and a practical issue to spend 20 or $30 million to compete in florida didn't make a whole lot of sense. we didn't have the money. it was a winner take all. it made more sense to go to nevada. made more sense to go to maine. made more sense to be here in minnesota, because energized people, people who believe in things and are willing to work hard, the rewards are much better and that of course is what we have. we have a very energized,
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dedicated group of people who would like to see some changes and they are willing to invest their time in doing so. if you don't become the nominee, what is the main plank you would like to get into the gop platform? >> i haven't really thought about that. i am just thinking about the election right now. that's what i am doing here in minnesota and we are looking for the results in nevada, and so i am a long way off from thinking about conventions other than the fact that we want to see how competitive we can be. the other candidates there were nine there's only four. many of them have come and gone and up and down. who knows what lies ahead in the next two months or so. one thing is nobody accused us of being up and down. our support keeps growing. most people recognize if you support the cause of liberty most of the time you never leave that cause.
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>> when you hear conventionnal wisdom saying looks like mitt romney will be the nominee how old how would you respond? >> i would say right now it looks like it will be the case. who knows what will happen. you need another month or two before you pick a winner. we are going to keep working. our strategy is to go where it is the easiest place where our enthusiasm will be reflected in getting more dell cats. >> if you are second in nevada that is a win for you? >> it's a good showing, sure. a good showing is what we need. i believe we will get it. in a relative sense we could say that is a win. >> thank you very much for your time. see you down at the trail.
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>> thank you, brett. mitt romney the winner in nevada. you are looking live at the romney campaign headquarters plus we lear from ann colt he were and michael reagan they are on both sides supporting different candidates. up next our interview with presidential republican candidate rick santorum. he's live in colorado after this break.
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>> a big win tonight in nevada. you look at las vegas you are getting the feed now. you see the check mark. he is the winner. we don't know by how much. the rest of the race the battle for second place is heated now. with can't call that it is between newt gingrich and ron paul waiting for the raw hard vote total to come out. we can project rick santorum will finish a distant 4th in the state of nevada. joining me now to talk about his campaign is former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. he joins us from colorado tonight. good evening, senator. >> hi, brett, how are you doing? >> we saw your speech earlier you had a bolo tie on. >> it's person night as you can
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image in northern colorado. so my staff here got me a bolo tie. they asked me to change it because they got -- the organizers here got another tie for me they wanted me to autograph and auction off and wear during the speech. i wore a different tie autographed it during the speech and they are auctioning it off inside. >> i wasn't expecting that much detail. i am a sweater vest guy not a bolo guy. >> you are going to finish a distant 4th in nef neve. your thoughts about this result tonight? >> again, nevada clearly is a state given the demographics of nevada, given governor romney's huge investment there campaigning there for five-years. the campaign really spent money. paul, romney and gingrich spent almost a million each. we spent a few pennies. just spent a couple days there.
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wanted to plant our flag and made sure our supporters knew we appreciated their support. tuesday will be a big day for us. we feel like we can improve our results here in col ol and minnesota which we are heading to later tonight and also missouri which is going to vote on tuesday. we feel very good. we are working in maine, too, not necessarily a state i am spending time in i haven't visited but we have good supporters helping us out. >> i understand the point of not spending money or a lot of time because it was home court if you will for mitt romney. if you look at what you say on the trail, you are the true conservative in this race you look at the entrance polls, very conservative you get 10 percent compared to romney's 51 percent. those who say is a true conservative the main quality in a candidate you get 19 percent behind ron paul and newt gingrich.
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for the folks in nevada which is a swing state they don't buy on to the line you have been seeing in the trail? >> we really didn't make the case to be honest with you. we weren't out there advertising driving a message. it's another thing to give a speech. it's another thing to drive a message into a group of people. so no. i am not concerned at all. i think you will see different numbers coming forth on fuse where we spent a little more time and a little more money. we believe this race if you look at the national polls that were out today the rasmussen polls owe we were worried about rick santorum because he can't win. i am the bestable to win this election. i have said this from the beginning we need someone who doesn't throw away some of the biggest issues in the campaign, healthcare, cap and trade, wall street bailout all of those issues are off the table if mitt
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romney is the nominee. we can't afford to have two hands mind our back and think we are going to be successful against obama. earlier you said we are not going to win this election if either of these two guys are nominated. newt gingrich or mitt romney. let me assure you, we will not win. that's a bold statement. >> i think these folks are badly compromised. if you will be out spending. probably out spend bad lie by a president who has a record level fundraising. if you give away the most important victim obama care if you neutral lies the issue about government hes care and wall street the idea that government needs to control your energy consumption and regular this carbon dioxide mission.
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it will be hard to win this election. we need to have a bold contrast between president obama and the republican nominee where obama's record is the issue. what state do you think you have the best chance of winning? >> on tuesday i think we are going to do well in missouri. it's interesting because it's a head to head between governor romney myself speaker gingrich is not on the ballot. ron paul is. we will see the idea that the one conservative who can go up against mitt romney head to head and win. we have been playing from florida. he had a chance to go head to head. i think we will doss first in minnesota and colorado. i am not presikting wins. better than we can doe in the matdo in the battle. looking live over the romney
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campaign headquarters we are getting word that in the next 5-7 minutes we should see former governor of massachusetts. see his family as well if history serves. they are excited. it's a big win in nef neve for the romney campaign. we will be back after this. i'm in a tricky situation here.
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>> you are looking live at romney campaign headquarters. this is nevada lieutenant governor brian perlici said this is romney country. tonight it is. a big win for mitt romney. these are the warm-up acts before the form fore massachusetmass -- former massachusetts governor takes the stage to talk to supporters. let's talk to a pair of conservative analysts. ann colter joins me from new york. you are both a country apart in location and also who you support in this race. michael first to you there's a
7:31 pm
battle for second place right now. newt gingrich and ron paul are battling it out. we don't have an answer yet. mitt romney has a big win. what is your sense of the gingrich campaign. it is going 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> 45 states left. the reality with what is going on right now shth . you have to be concerned about getting over the 50 percent mark. if he wants to go to delegates if they want the delegates for the nomination for this party. they have to keep it together to raise enough money to fend off,
7:32 pm
if you will, mitt romney in the future. >> your take on this wednesday night and what it means for the gop race. >> we are getting closer to the end. i think the sooner the primaries in the bitter infighting end the better it will be for the eventual nominee. this is not good for the general election of obama if it continues much longer. it is a lot of fun. i am a political nut like a lot of people. i like watching the debates. a lot of money is being spent that ought to be used by the general election. he is the most conservative and you don't have the fannie mae freddie mac problem. newt gingrich was a great many years ago. i don't think he's a strong candidate in the general election. i really for the sake of the country which is to say for the sake of beating obama wish we
7:33 pm
could wrap it up and begin the era of good feeling among republicans again. >> i think one of the issues here is the fact that she says mitt romney is the most conservative. he comes from massachusetts. he was the governor of massachusetts it is a liberal state. every one of the candidates has issues. every one has baggage. the problem i have is we find it hard as republicans to elect those that become moderate to liberal side of the party. newt gingrich is grass-roots wing. that concerns me. the reality is if we are not all together in november barack obama will win the presidency.
7:34 pm
rick santorum said tonight in colorado we are not going to win this election if either of these two guys is nominated we will lose let me assure you. th then he went on to talk about the poor comment as a number of places been taken out of context. what person running for presidential office says he doesn't care about the very poor. would any of you say you don't care about the very poor. that is from rick santorum on the stump. >> yes, he is losing to romney. i don't think that was a gap at all what romney said beyond being out of context. most people would listen to that sa and say yeah, we are spending a lot of money on the poor what about the vast suffering middle class. i think as per what michael said conservatives ought to be popping champagne corks because the era of rockefeller republicans is over. they are dead. just in 2008 we had one
7:35 pm
candidate who was validly openly pro choice. we had one that didn't want clinton's impeachment. we had another that said he was against waterboarding. wanted to shut down guantanamo. i completely agree it will be difficult to take out a sitting president the first black president who is personally charming and liked personally by most americans they they don't like his policies with the entire media behind him. as for positions romney is the most conservative on illegal immigration. i don't think he could get elected in california today. the whole country will go that way if we don't do something about illegal immigration. the tea party is hop anothering the hypocrites for a guy who was an influenced peddler for fan me may and freddie make. that was the spark that laufrped the tea party.
7:36 pm
kelly complaining about i don't want to be paying for my neighbor's mortgage. >> romney is taking the sthierj. i will give you a quick 15 seconds fair time to wrap up. >> the reality is with ronald reagan he may not win the nomination of his own party today. those are the things that concern me about this party. >> i agree with that. >> michael and ann thank you very much. we are going to another ann. ann romney. >> nevada financier keith fellas and mark hutchinson and many nevada elected officials through out the state who have been so crucial to our success here. we are so appreciative. of course nevada state director sara nelson, nevada senior advisory brian erwin. nevada state finances director corey christensen. i want to give a special shout
7:37 pm
out to de mcguinn. your first lady of nevada from a few years ago. she and i served together as first ladies together. she became a very good friend of mine. she has been helpful in this effort, too. we miss her sweet husband kenny. a shout out to my friend deena, too. thank you all. you know, as i have just been observing things as i tend to do, i have noticed that mitt has started to win in states that are so important for the general election. he won in new hampshire. that is going to be a very important state in the general election. it's a swing state in the general. he did the same thing in florida. that will be a very important state for us to win in the general. we appreciate that. but also this state is going to be an important state in the general -- (cheers)
7:38 pm
>> now that we have all of you excited and energized and volunteering we are going to need you again next november. we appreciate that. maybe some of you are all waking up to figure out that our country is in trouble. we are heading in if the wrong direction, and we are looking for a guy that can fix it and turn this economy around and create jobs. we are excited to introduce the next president of the united states, mitt romney. (cheers and applause) >> ann romney introducing her husband to the stage. josh and matt and two of the sons and some of the 16 grandchildren. we don't know how many. there you see the family. let's listen in. (cheers)
7:39 pm
>> wow. >> thank you. thank you, guys. wow. what a great showing. thank you, nevada. this is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence. this time i am going to take it to the white house. (cheers) four years ago candidate obama came to nevada promising to help. after he was elected his help was telling people to skip coming here for conventions and meetings. (booing) today nevada unemployment is over 12 percent. home values plummeted and foreclosure rate is the highest in the nation. i walked in nevada neighborho s
7:40 pm
neighborhoods. people wonder why barack obama nailed them. nevada has had enough of your kind of help. (cheers) complu three years ago a newly elected president obama told america if congress moved the plan to borrow nearly a trillion dollars he would hold unemployment below 8 percent. it hasn't been below 8 percent since. this week he has been trying to take a bow for 8.3 percent unemployment. not so fast mr. president. this is the 36th straight month of unemployment above the red line your own administration drew. if you take into account all of the different people struggling for work for just stop looking the real unemployment rate is over 15 percent.
7:41 pm
mr. president. america has also had enough of your kind of help. (cheers and applause) (chanting) >> let me ask you here a question. did obama care encourage businesses to hire people? did banks renegotiate and make more loans? crowd: no! >> did boeing encourage employers to expand here? crowd: no. >> did efforts to stop energy and job creation speed job creation. did the dollars he sent to his green buddies give anybody here a job? >> no.
7:42 pm
>> we welcome any good news on the jobs front. but it is thanks to the innovation of the american people in the private sector and not to you, mr. president. (cheers) (chanting) >> this president's misguided policies made these best times last longer. earlier in the week he spoke with a woman from texas during an on-line event. she told him her husband has been out of work for three years. president obama said he found that interesting. interesting. really? i have got a better word. tragic. america needs a president who can fix the economy because he understands the economy, and i
7:43 pm
do and i will. (cheers) this president began his presidency by apologizing for america. he should not be apologizie -- e should now be apologizing to america. we are not going to settle. we are not going to settle for a president who tells us it could be worse. what defines us as americans is our conviction that things must be better. that conviction guides this campaign. it rallied millions of americans to our cause including 10's of thousands of they hanevadians w their support today. and i thank them. nevadians know that our future is brighter and better than these troubled times. it's better than 15 percent real unemployment. it's better than $15 trillion in
7:44 pm
debt. it's better than the misguided policies and broken program misses of the last three years and the failed leadership of one man. our campaign is about more than just replacing the president, however. this is really a campaign about saving the soul of america. president obama says he wants to fundamentally transform america. we want to restore to america the founding principles that make this country great. (cheers) >> our vision for the future could not be more different than his. president obama will grinning more government. i will not just slow the growth of government, i will cut it. i will not just freeze
7:45 pm
governments share of the total economy. i will finally balance the american budget. (applause) >> president obama's capitalism sends your money to his friend's companies. my vision for free enterprise is to return entrepreneur ship to the genius of consumer market and creativity of the american people. noul, like his colleagues in the lounge you would think they know better. president obama demonizes and denigrates almost every sector of our economy. i will make america the most attractive place in the world for entrepreneurs and job creators. (applause) by the way, unlike the other
7:46 pm
people running for president, i know just how to do that. if if i am elected president my priority will be worrying about your job not -- do you know one of the most important personal matters is healthcare. healthcare. he forced through obama care. i will repeal obama care. just this week president obama orders religious organization to violate their conscience. i will define liberty that trampled on our freedom.
7:47 pm
(chanting) >> president obama is shrinking our military and hal lowing out our national defense. i will insist on a military so powerful no one in the world would ever think of challenging it. president obama seems to believe america's role as a leader to the world is a thing of the was. i believe the 21st century is -- o (chanting) >> our mission is to increase the freedom and opportunity of the american people and our blue
7:48 pm
print is the constitution of the united states. we are going to build an america where hope is a new job with a paycheck not a faded word on an old bumper sticker. i will not attempt to bribe the voters with promises and programs and chest for government. if it is a bidding war who can found that i am not president. if you want to restore american gritness i hope you will enjoy this. if you believe in disappointments in the last few years are a detour and not our committees knee. i am asking each of you to remember how special it is to be an american. i want you to remember why your
7:49 pm
ancestors tame to america to over come the challenges of life in a n in a new country. it was not for a free ticket. it was for freedom. (cheers) >> it was not for the pursuit of government benefits. it was for the pursuit of happiness. we still believe in that america. we still believe in the america that is a land of opportunity and a beacon of freedom. we believe in the naeshg thamer challenges us to be diggbigger better for ourselves. thank you so much. god bless you thank you, thank you. (cheers) >> massachusetts governor mitt
7:50 pm
romney on a big night, a big win in nevada saying directly to president obama, mr. president, nevada has had enough of your kind of help. he went into a rift about the improving unemployment situation as it down ticked to 8.3 percent. in 36 months of unemployment above the 8 percent red line mark the president already set. he mentioned unemployment of 15 percent or higher. you mentioned the controversy about the obama administration healthcare system before healthcare physicians and over turn anything that threatens our first freedom to elect who we choose. if i am president my priority will be protecting your job, not saving my own.
7:51 pm
as we look at governor romney in the headquarters shaking hands there in the campaign headquarters we will bring back our panel steve, bill and charles. thoughts on the speech. charles? >> it is the speech we have heard variations of it from other night. obama i think in a sticcato way. what's interesting is what you mentioned about the relig oh gus -- this is a huge version that has been under reported. they are extremely upset about hhs regulation on obama care which essentially forces the church institution to guarantee flee birs control. even catholics that an institution has to be so controlled is offensive.
7:52 pm
>> it was an unforced error as a part of the administration you could open up a gap and a division that republicans can't make. >> as you look live there in the hall governor romney is by his new speaker service detail that has just been appointed to governor romney. your thoughts on the speech? >> just on the healthcare revision, the further .1 could make governor romney could make in criticizing it, this is what happens when you have obama care. if you have a national plan that covers everybody you have to specify what is covered and what insurance plans have to cover and what they don't. i think the way to really touch the point home is not to say this is a bad regulation i am going to repeal it. it is to say this is exactly why obama care is so bad for the country not only for the budget but for our freedom. there is more substantial
7:53 pm
account of why obama care has to be repealed. just because the speech is different and we get a long philosophic position. needs to become more narrative than talking point. >> not a mention of any of the other republican d-- candidates. >> i think he feels he can leave him in the rearview mirror tonight. iven he was giving a speech at times was pretty harsh krit sighings obama's record saying he owes an apology and everything. people might be thinking they are going to end up with him as the nominee. i think that what is interesting about the hhs issue, it is a very generreat general election issue. it is one he borrowed from gingri
7:54 pm
gingrich. he said i am going to repeal every violation that relates religious committee. any time he can bash it and say this is not something he would do in massachusetts it's good for him. it makes him seem really genuine on the issue. obviously the crowd loved it and romney feels like tonight is a runaway victory but it's not 51 percent if i point. it is interesting looking back and he took it now wait. he didn't say good-bye. >> we are doing it for all nut gingrich spent on the religious liberty issues romney ended up winning cath ricks -- catholic by 2-1. >> nevada that's how they like it. >> nevada. they are upset if you say nevada.
7:55 pm
clearly this was a general election speech. ann romney and her husband talk about the general election. they say that several different times. i think it's fascinating if i am not mistaken he opened each of his speeches with a line siting a promise that president obama made and a promise that has gone unfulfilled. he's building a catalog of these promises that could be effective if he continues to do this and people pay attention to them in that way. i thought he had more red meat lines for conservatives in this speech. he said this president started his time in office apologizing for america. he should apologize to america. he said our ancestors came here not for a free ticket but for freedom. i thought it might have been a sign that he was looking a little bit more to brung along some of these conservative votes. >> the panel will be here through out the next hour as well as we look live from romney headquarters now to the gingrich camp. they are getting ready for a
7:56 pm
news conference there. that is where we believe speaker gingrich will be for this news conference sometime after the top of the hour 11:00 p.m. eastern. we will bring it to you live on fox news channel. keep too here on fox. mitt romney the winner. battle for second between speaker gingrich and ron fall. this is an rc robotic claw.
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